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Check out a podcast I did called "Get Your Financial House in Order." This was for a podcast series by Stacy Fisher-Gunn called "Conversations with Smart People." Stacy is the Founder of LivingUpp, an online self-care community. Listen to this for some of the basics about financial life planning:


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8. How Should I Start?: I go through my recommendations of how to get started on the basics of your own financial life plan.


7. Don't Let Anything Stop You: once you decide you need help with your financial life planning, don't let your own brain sidetrack you.

6. Why do I Need a Financial Advisor?: some reasons why you might need professional help.

5. Beware Stock Market Mania: when the markets are good, don't get carried away. I'm not permitted to share this one online due to protected content, but you can email me if you'd like to read this newsletter.

4. Hey, Unmarried Couples: "gotchas" and tips for couples who aren't legally married.

3. Special Needs and ABLE accounts: planning for loved ones with special needs, and a quick rundown on a new kind of tax-friendly account which can help you.

2. The Basics of Financial Planning, Part 2: my second newsletter breaking down the basic components of a financial life plan.

1. The Basics of Financial Planning, Part 1: yes, you guessed it. This is my first newsletter about the fundamentals of a financial life plan.